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Cat Water Fountain 85oz/2.5L-Spout

SKU: WDQ1-2304-S001N

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  • Cat Friendly Design: The black Cat Water Fountain is specifically designed for cats to drink water. Cats enjoy being in dark environments, and the dark color creates a soothing and stress-free drinking environment for them. Stouchi Cat Fountain features a wide and shallow bowl that prevents whisker fatigue, allowing your cat's whiskers to remain above the bowl while drinking, ensuring a comfortable feeding experience.

  • 304 Stainless Steel Material: Cats prefer to drink clean water, and a stainless steel water bowl is the safest material for cat bowls due to its stable performance. It also does not retain smells and tastes from leftover food, which is important for cats. The cat fountain water bowl is made of food-grade materials, 304 stainless steel top and eco-friendly PP body, BPA free, easy to operate and clean.

  • Living Water & Super Silent: The pet fountain provides a continuous flow of water, known as "living water." The flowing living water is more likely to attract the attention of cats, not only encouraging them to drink more water but also benefiting their overall health. Additionally, it is equipped with an Ultra-Silent water pump that operates at a noise level of ≤25dB, ensuring a serene and comfortable sleeping environment for both you and your pet.

  • Easy to Disassemble & Clean: The cat drinking fountains can be assembled and disassembled in just a few minutes, and we provide a small brush with a package as a cleaning tool for your convenience. For the health of your pet, it is recommended to change the water at least once a week and clean the pump every 2-4 weeks for optimal maintenance.

  • Triple Filtration System: Stouchi cat water dispenser adopts a multiple filtration system, including activated carbon, ion exchange resin a high-density cotton layer, and a sponge filter. This can effectively filter impurities, remove odors, soften the water, and extend the life of the pump. It is best if you can change the carbon filter every 2-4 weeks. This will provide your pet with cleaner, fresher, oxygen-rich water.

  • Built-In LED Light: This cat automatic water dispenser is ingeniously designed, featuring a translucent water tank and built-in LED light, allowing you to effortlessly monitor the water level without the need for frequent opening. The LED light serves a dual purpose, enabling you to check the water level and providing a gentle glowing guide, helping your cat easily locate the water fountain in the dark and ensure timely hydration.

  • Anti-Dry Burning System: If the water level drops below the minimum water line, the water pump will automatically stop working, preventing any damage or destruction to the equipment. The intelligent anti-dry burning protection system of the Stouchi cat water dispenser ensures peace of mind for both you and your cat.

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